Writing Inventory: Looking Back, Looking Forward

December 31, 2014 — Leave a comment


In lieu of traditional New Year’s resolutions, I’ve started making a writing inventory that summarizes what I’ve accomplished over the previous year and also includes writing goals for the next twelve months. My categories cover:

  • Books read
  • Books to read
  • Journals where I’d like to publish poetry
  • Journals I’d like to subscribe to (usually journals I’d like to target)
  • Conferences, residencies, readings to attend or participate in
  • Grants to apply for
  • Writing groups to join
  • Experimenting with writing schedules
  • Marketing plan for published books
  • Submission statistics and strategies

I’m on my third consecutive year of this project, and it has given me a sense of direction. It’s easy to become too focused on acceptances; I progress more in my work when I’m concentrating on the experiences that get me excited about writing. I was very fortunate this year to have a chapbook accepted, and a full-length book taken as well. With those two publications in-the-works, I feel freer to revise my schedule and try some new things. Some of my goals for next year extend to other genres:

  • See a play at each of the community theaters in my area
  • Submit the plays I have on hand
  • Write new plays, including monologues
  • Experiment with more cross-genre work
  • Experiment with script writing software
  • Work on new poetry manuscript
  • Read more short stories, cross-genre and experimental literature
  • Create a marketing plan for chapbook and upcoming book
  • Create a writing calendar that includes deadlines and events


Places to Submit Poetry

As part of my New Year plan, I add to my list of potential journals. I found a great list at entropy.org. It covers poetry as well as other genres: “Where to Submit Your Writing This Winter.”

Wishing everyone Happy Writing in 2015!

** If you like the clipboard with case above, it’s from mdpocket.com. Other writing notebooks I like include these:

Word Notebook 3-Pack by Word (has a checklist built-in) and Field Notes Kraft Ruled 3-pack



field notes

These are on amazon.com and elsewhere.

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