Videopoem “How to Speak Nineteenth Century”

December 14, 2016 — 2 Comments

Thanks to Claire Lucille Trévien for creating a video poem of “How to Speak Nineteenth Century!” Lots of lyric leaps captured here from lunar nomenclature to photosynthesis to the chemical formula for water. This is part of a larger project to post a video poem a day featuring UK poets (and a few other writers) during the month of December. I will add the link below to the master list of Claire’s video poems. (The first video is one of Claire’s poems.) I met Claire when she edited a poetry anthology that included my work, and she reviewed my chapbook Tiktaalik, Adieu as well. “How to Speak Nineteenth Century” was originally published in the New England Review, as well as in the chapbook Theories of Rain and the full-length collection, The Nomenclature of Small Things.

2 responses to Videopoem “How to Speak Nineteenth Century”


    Thank you, oh, this is so beautiful. I surfed on in from poet Sandra Beasley’s blog.

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