Tiktaalik, Adieu


From the book cover:

Science looms large and lives well in Tiktaalik, Adieu. Pedersen’s lovely poems speak for, and to, our ever evolving, rapidly changing natural world, wherein the human animal seeks peace, or simply survival, from “resting place to resting place.” ~ Nance Van Winckel, author of Pacific Walkers

Lynn Pedersen gathers the world into her poems: its classical elements, its intricate patterns, its infinite mysteries. She makes gorgeous lyrics of stars and bone. ~Tania Rochelle, author of Karaoke Funeral and The World’s Last Bone

The website Speaking of Marvels features a Q & A interview on both Tiktaalik, Adieu and Theories of Rain chapbooks.

Three Questions interview with Jenn Monroe for Tiktaalik, Adieu on

Claire Trevien reviews Tiktaalik, Adieu for Sabotage Reviews.

“This is a chapbook that uses science, not as a crutch but as a system. Pedersen’s poems are scientific in the way that they query and correct themselves, she is a writer who’s aware that science is a process of evolution, of testing and re-testing, and this comes through.”- Claire Trevien

25 pages. Available from Finishing Line Press or



Theories of Rain

Theories of Rain

Theories of Rain


Theories of Rain fills me with delightful sadness. Pedersen turns grief into a beautiful, palpable object of soulful attention and affection. The poems shimmer. The poet’s steely-eyed toughness only undegirds the poems’ true tenderness. ~ Nance Van Winckel

Lynn Pedersen is fascinated with science, and she often uses the images, facts and language of science as a vocabulary with which to explore other things, the nature of grief, parenthood, communication, the concept of distance. Here one finds Darwin, lunar impact craters, constellations, and poems about language, miscarriage, Michelangelo and Turner, middle age. There’s an incredible vitality in these poems and an abiding intelligence–of ther heart as well as the mind–that makes Theories of Rain a rich and complex collection. ~ Nancy Eimers

Sir Philip Sidney wrote that “poesy…is a speaking picture–with this end–to teach and delight.” And that is what these poems do, in precisely equal measure. They will delight readers of history, science, and philosophy, and will teach those who seek a deeper connection with human emotion, with shadow along with light. ~ Natasha Saje

Order Theories of Rain from Main Street Rag.

36 pages, perfect bound. 2009.



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