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Submittrs is a new submission tracking system for writers (for all genres). The software is in the development stage with a projected launch of 2015. The developers are looking for beta testers and supporters (at any level) through Indiegogo here. It doesn’t look like you would need to be based in any particular country to participate. Latest date to sign up as a beta tester is March 3, 2014 or whenever the slots are filled.

I signed on as a tester so that I can have input into what looks like a better tracking system than what is currently offered through or the dashboard.

There is a five-minute video tour of the program on the Indiegogo site. It looks user-friendly and well-organized. I have reached a frustration point with my spreadsheet tracking system. By the time I track dozens of poems and chapbook manuscripts and book-length manuscripts, all simultaneously submitted, I am juggling more than I can handle.

Here are a few tweets related to the system:

One of my favorite features is the ability to track how much money you have spent on submission fees, and how much you have received in compensation for your publications. You will also be able to see every journal to which you have submitted a poem, and whether that poem was accepted or declined. Submittrs keeps track of journals that have accepted your work, and journals that have invited you to submit again in the future (nice rejection notes!). Overall, this system looks like a great time-saver.