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It’s been a good month for The Nomenclature of Small Things. Many book award contests are underway, most of which are not limited to first books but to any books of poetry published within a calendar year. I’m grateful for recognition from the following award contests:

2016 Julie Suk Award Longlist for Poetry (Congratulations to Monique Ferrell for her collection Attaversiamo, NYQ Books)

2016 Forward INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist for Poetry (winner announced June 2017)

2017 Georgia Author of the Year Award Nominee (winner announced June 2017).

Excited to be listed among so many great books!

And thanks to William Doreski for highlighting my book as part of a feature on eleven new poets in Harvard Review Online:

William Doreski, Harvard Review Online, The Nomenclature of Small Things, “Like Wings Unfolding in the Body”: Eleven New Poets